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Divorce and Adoption Law Firm in Nashville, TN

A family law attorney who helps you with compassion

As a Nashville native who has practiced family law exclusively since 1979, I understand the immense personal effect that legal decisions can have on the lives of my clients. The Law Office of Karen Cain, my solo practice in Nashville, addresses foster care law and divorce law issues for clients throughout middle Tennessee. I provide frank legal advice and defend the interests of my clients inside and outside the court.

Visit the following pages for more information on a particular area of adoption or divorce law in Nashville, Tennessee:

Offering full divorce services

As a Nashville divorce lawyer, I seek to make the divorce process as painless as possible for my clients. Sometimes, this entails providing divorce mediation to clients who have the potential to reach a settlement outside court or who wish to avoid a lengthy courtroom trial. Regardless of the circumstances, I am prepared to address your Nashville divorce law needs:

During a divorce, legal decisions can have great consequences on your life and the lives of your family members. For attentive legal advice and representation, contact my Nashville divorce law firm.

Exploring your adoption options

While adopting a child can be a wonderful experience for aspiring parents, the legal process can be quite drawn-out, especially without the assistance of an experienced Nashville adoption lawyer. I help aspiring parents navigate the complexities of adoption law in Nashville, Tennessee, and I can guide you through several different types of adoption:

  • Stepchild adoptions
  • Newborn adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Foster child adoptions
  • Family member adoptions
  • Special needs adoptions

I have experience handling both contested and uncontested adoptions.

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