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Child Support Lawyers in Nashville, TN

Experienced help setting, enforcing and modifying child support payments

Custodial parents are eligible to receive child support payments from noncustodial parents, even if they were not previously married. Custodial parents can make a request for child support in his or her divorce filing in family court or as part of a paternity action in juvenile court. Unfortunately, many parents go through the child support process without understanding how payments are calculated and what factors affect the amount of payment. Noncustodial parents can wind up paying too much or too little for their circumstances, while custodial parents can miss out on some of the benefits to which they’re entitled. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, The Law Office of Karen Cain can help to help clients understand how child support is determined. I also provide assistance with child support collection matters and the enforcement of court orders through contempt cases.

Getting a fair order for child support in Tennessee

Tennessee has detailed child support guidelines that consider numerous factors, such as the income of each parent and the number of dependent children, to calculate the amount a noncustodial parent must pay each month to the custodial parent. However, these guidelines only go so far. The courts have greater latitude to include other expenses and benefits, such as health insurance, daycare, private school tuition and expenses related to a child’s enrichment activities and sports. Having a confident, informed attorney by your side helps to ensure that your children receive appropriate financial support and continues to enjoy the standard of living they enjoyed before your divorce.

Enforcement of child support orders in Nashville and the vicinity

A parent who does not pay child support as ordered by the court is in contempt and can face fines and jail time. The Tennessee Department of Human Services oversees Child Support Enforcement Services, assists in locating a missing parent and enforces court orders for child support. DHS has the power to garnish a parent’s wages for unpaid child support. Parents who owe child support can also pay through the DHS website, and the department will distribute the payments to the custodial parent. I provide advice on how to access Child Support Enforcement Services and can represent you at any enforcement hearings.

How can child support be changed in Nashville, TN?

Child support can be changed by filing a petition with the court to review the factors determining the amount of child support owed. For example, a change in work, daycare, health insurance costs or number of days a parent has child custody are all reasons for consulting a lawyer to see if child support should be modified. I can present your case for a modification or help you oppose a change that the other parent is requesting.

Call on Karen Cain for help with child support in Nashville, TN

Contact The Law Office of Karen Cain for experienced, efficient, cost-effective representation in child support disputes. Shopping for the right attorney should not cost you money. Therefore, I offer free initial consultations. I answer your questions, evaluate your case and provide an estimate of my fees. My Nashville office is easily accessible by public transportation and local interstates.

Karen Cain, Attorney at Law serves clients in the metro-Nashville Davidson County area and all middle Tennessee counties.


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