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How to File Divorce in Nashville, Tennessee

If you are plan on filing divorce in Nashville or the surrounding Middle Tennessee counties, I can guide you through the legal process. As a practicing family law attorney since 1979 and a Nashville native, I have experience handling many different types of divorce cases. I pride myself on minimizing my client’s anxiety about the legal process and details.

Planning for a divorce involves significant preparation on the part of you and your attorney. Your lawyer can advise about what to expect and what actions may be immediately necessary concerning joint finances.

The Nashville divorce process

When you file divorce in Nashville, either you or your spouse will be the Petitioner, or the person who initiates the divorce proceeding, while the other person will be the Respondent, or the person who receives the divorce papers and responds. The Law Office of Karen Cain can help you prepare the documents before submitting them. The petition for divorce should be filed to the circuit court clerk in the county where you reside. If you are filing divorce in Nashville, you would submit the divorce papers to Office of the Circuit Court Clerk of Davidson County.

After submitting the paperwork

After you file the paperwork, there are several possibilities about how the divorce will proceed:

  • Disclosure: you will have to provide information about your income, assets and debts and have them delivered to your spouse.
  • Temporary orders: to resolve pressing issues temporarily, such as child custody and visitation before an agreement has been reached, you or your spouse can request a hearing before a judge.
  • Agreement: you and your spouse can attempt reach an agreement with the help of lawyers and mediators; I also participate in collaborative divorces in Nashville.
  • Trial: if an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations or mediation, a judge will have to determine a settlement in court.

Using an experienced attorney

I tailor my legal advice and representation to meet the needs of my clients. I offer divorce mediation in Nashville as well as representation during contested and uncontested divorces. I pride myself on helping clients inside and outside the courtroom receive the settlements and judgments that they deserve.

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