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With infant adoption in Nashville, the paperwork and process are often completed in time for the adoptive parents to take legal custody of his or her adopted child soon after its birth.

Newborns and infants are in great demand because adoptive parents want to raise the child from birth as if he or she were his or her own natural child.  This enables adoptive parents to establish themselves as the parents and to make all decisions involved in raising that child.

Legal help with baby adoption in Nashville

Since Nashville baby adoption is a lifelong commitment with significant consequences for your family, adoption requires a great deal of soul-searching both by the birth parents and adoptive parents.

The adoption process can take about one year to complete at significant cost. To encourage people to take foster children, adoptions of foster children typically move along faster and cost less than private adoptions of newborns.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimated that approximately 55,000 children were adopted in 2008 with public child welfare agency involvement.  Also, adoptions by close relatives such as grandparents and stepparents move more quickly than other types of Nashville baby adoptions.

Nashville child adoption

One of the biggest fears that plague adoptive parents is the risk that the birth parents may change his or her minds about the adoption or take the child back after the fact.

With so much at stake, it is imperative to have dependable, experienced legal counsel to lean on every step of the way.  Attorney Karen Cain recognizes the importance of making sure all parties are fully informed to allay their fears and manage expectations.

The laws and regulations governing adoption are extremely complex and every adoption case is unique.  Attorney Karen Cain can help clients in all types of adoptions including the following:

  • Private adoptions
  • Newborns and infants
  • Foster children
  • Adult adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Relatives such as stepchildren

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If you are looking for a law firm well-versed in Nashville child and infant adoptions, Attorney Karen Cain can provide you with experienced, efficient, cost-effective representation and extensive knowledge of adoption and other family law matters.

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