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Types of Divorce in Nashville

How to determine the type of divorce

I can help you file a contested, uncontested or collaborative divorce in Nashville. In many cases, the type of divorce that you file will be based on if you and your spouse are willing to cooperate and able to agree on settlement terms.

Filing a Contested Divorce

If you and your spouse are unable or unwilling to agree to the terms of a settlement, I can represent you during a contested divorce in Nashville. In a contested divorce, key topics such as child custody and support, property division, and alimony are addressed either by a mediator or a judge. Finding a reliable Nashville divorce law firm willing to fight for your interests is very important during contested divorces, which can be particularly divisive.

Filing an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce in Nashville requires the mutual consent of both spouses. Both parties must agree on all matters surrounding their divorce. There are several positive aspects to uncontested divorces:

  • They occur in private
  • They minimize legal costs
  • They happen quickly
  • They are voluntary

Despite the apparent advantages, uncontested divorces are not always the most appropriate option for couples. If you have reservations about some issues or if you believe your spouse is trying to impose a settlement, you need the help of a Nashville divorce attorney.

Collaborative Divorce in Nashville

Collaborative divorce is a marriage dissolution option that has gained popularity relatively recently. In many ways, the goals of collaborative divorce and divorce mediation are very similar. Both collaborative divorce and mediation use attorneys to facilitate voluntary and mutual agreements on issues, such as child custody and spousal support.

Typically, both spouses formally agree, along with their divorce lawyer, to avoid a trial. Each spouse is represented by a lawyer, with whom they can consult, individually, throughout the collaborative divorce process.

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