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Foster Care Lawyer in Nashville

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The Law Office of Karen Cain assists clients with legal questions and concerns about Nashville foster care law. Foster care differs from adoption in that it arranges for the temporary placement of a child outside the home of the child’s parents or guardian. Often, children in foster care have suffered in some way from parental abuse or neglect.

As a Nashville foster care lawyer, I know that it takes a special type of person to care for a child in foster care. I assist foster care parents who wish to adopt the foster child or receive permanent guardianship. This can be a lengthy and complicated legal process, especially when the birth parents do not consent to the adoption. For assistance with foster care law issues, contact my office to speak with a knowledgeable Nashville foster care attorney.

Becoming a foster care parent in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services (DCS) maintains a list of requirements for becoming a foster parent:

  • Must be able to meet personal financial needs
  • Must be in good health
  • Must be at least 21
  • Must be a homeowner or renter

Prospective foster care parents can be either single or married and with or without children. If you are considering engaging in a foster care program, you will be expected to demonstrate that you are a caring and loving person with room in your home and your daily life to take on the great responsibility of caring for a child. The Law Office of Karen Cain can help guide you through this process, giving you the tools you need to become a foster parent.

Meeting the requirements for Nashville foster care

Prospective parents of Nashville foster care children are required by the Department of Children’s Services to enroll in a 30-hour pre-training service known as Parents As Tender Healers (PATH). The PATH training includes a home study, in which a staff member from DCS assesses applicants’ residences based on a range of points, including safety, adequate sleeping space, a functioning water supply, and a landline telephone.

The DCS staff member also interviews applicants to assess their ability to build and maintain trusting and stable relationships. As part of this process, prospective foster parents are required to provide five personal references and undergo a thorough background check.

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