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Separation in Nashville

The Benefits of a Legal Separation

Sometimes, couples experiencing serious marital problems choose to file for legal separation instead of divorce in Nashville. In many respects, filing for separation in Nashville carries the same legal consequences as filing for divorce. As an experienced family law attorney, I listen to the concerns of my clients and advise them about how to approach complicated questions that are addressed by legal separation in Nashville.

I advise clients not to take the decision to legally separate lightly. Many issues of great personal importance are negotiated with your spouse during a separation:

Similar to no fault and collaborative divorces, both spouses must agree to all of the settlement terms of a separation. I assist clients in drafting separation agreements, which are submitted to judges for review and approval. The principle difference between filing for divorce and separation in Nashville is that legally separated couples are forbidden from remarrying.

Reasons for choosing separation

Considering that divorce and separation carry most of the same consequences, the reasons for choosing separation are usually reserved for special circumstances:

  • Religious beliefs opposing divorce
  • Retainment of government and tax benefits
  • Retainment of health care benefits

In some states, people file for separation as a precursor to divorce when there are no residency requirements. Tennessee statutes do not provide any specific information about residency requirements for separation.

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