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Child Visitation Attorney in Nashville, TN

Fighting to ensure parenting time and grandparents’ rights

While the overriding factor in Tennessee child custody cases continues to be “the best interests of the child,” the law recently has changed to enable co-parenting arrangements allowing “both parents to enjoy the maximum participation possible in the life of the child…” That means that noncustodial parents should have generous visitation periods, unless circumstances dictate limiting contact between that parent and the child. At The Law Office of Karen Cain, we help parents negotiate fair and reasonable parenting time schedules and litigate disputes when a custodial parent expresses a fear that contact with the noncustodial parent would be bad for the child. Our clients benefit from our 30-plus years of experience in custody disputes, our affordable rates and our commitment to compassionate service.

Difficult visitation cases: when a parent is unfit or obstructive

Child custody and visitation disputes are not contests wherein the better parent wins more parenting time. Under a system that encourages “maximum participation” from both parents, the idea is for the child to win. Still, some custodial parents have reasonable fears that contact with the ex-spouse may be harmful to the child. These concerns may arise from the other parent’s:

  • Addictions
  • Anger issues
  • Criminal history
  • History of domestic violence
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Immaturity
  • Physical limitations
  • Mental illness

Often these concerns are well-grounded and must be addressed through supervision plans that the court oversees. In worst-case scenarios, the court may bar the suspect parent from any visitation.

Unfortunately, custodial parents can also make accusations in bad faith, simply to hurt and discredit the ex-spouse. When that happens, the accused parent needs an aggressive attorney with the necessary experience to fight those slurs. I have experience on both sides of these issues: helping parents safeguard their children from potentially harmful contact and asserting their rights to be present for their children, despite interference from an obstructive ex.

Grandparent rights in Nashville, TN, and the vicinity

It’s not unusual after a divorce or the death of a parent for grandparents to find themselves cut out of his or her grandchildren’s lives. If this situation arises in your life, I can help you as I have many other loving grandparents. Grandparents who have had a relationship with their grandchildren have certain legal rights and may seek to have a court set grandparent visitation. This is an area of the law that changes from time to time. Each case must be examined factually to see if the particular circumstances bring the case within the bounds of the Tennessee law allowing grandparents specific visitation rights. Consulting an attorney is important before you spend money filing a petition. It is always a risk for litigants to represent themselves, as certain proof is required and must be included when filing a petition for visitation rights.

Call on Karen Cain for your visitation disputes

Contact The Law Office of Karen Cain for experienced, efficient, cost-effective representation in disputes over parenting time, visitation and grandparents’ rights. You shouldn’t have to pay to discover which attorney is right for you, so all my initial consultations are free. I answer your questions, evaluate your case and provide an estimate. My Nashville office is easily accessible by public transportation and local interstates.

Karen Cain, Attorney at Law serves clients in the metro-Nashville Davidson County area and all middle Tennessee counties.


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